Competition Entry

To download the entry form for 2019 please click here.

Rules of the Competition

  1. The competition is for English jig dancing.
  2. The competition is not open to step dancers, or to Irish jig dancers.
  3. Members of teams booked at the Festival may enter.
  4. Dancers must be accompanied by live music.
  5. The competition will be held on the Sunday of Sidmouth, in the Blackmore Gardens Dance Marquee at a time which will be announced on the application form (via this web site and in other places)
  6. Likewise the closing date for entries will be announced on the above form
    Telephone: 07885 832567 to find out where to hand in forms.
    Try and send them to me before hand so that we know how many entrants we have.
    Or hand them into Artists Information.
  7. Entrants will be judged according to the following criteria:
    1. Dance technique

    2. Artistic appreciation

    3. Presentation

    4. Music

  8. The judges’ decision is final.
  9. The winners of the John Gasson Memorial Trophy may not enter that section of the competition the following year but are required to start that competition with the winning jig of the previous year.
  10. The solo jig section is for a maximum of two people per jig. The double jig section is for a maximum of two dancers and one musician per jig.

The judges will have a wide range of expertise covering the criteria to be assessed.

The winner will be presented with the ‘John Gasson Memorial Trophy’ which may be held until the following year, when it must be returned to Tracey Rose in time for the next competition.

Double Jigs Section. This is sponsored by Dave and Fee Lock.

There are two additional prizes

One (sponsored by Pete Collinson) is for the Best New Entrant. The dancer must not have entered the competition before but the musician may have.

The other is The Audience Appeal Prize. This prize is intended to recognise that the ‘best’ jig by technical standard is not necessarily the one with most audience appeal. The judging criteria is deliberately flexible: it may be that the winning jig is chosen for its impressiveness or for some particular feature or it may be a very simple dance, but performed with a warmth of spirit or good humour, or with a special audience rapport. The performance must be technically competent, but not necessarily excellent. The prize will not be given for a ‘spoof’ dance, created primarily for an audience of fellow dancers, though it might well be given for a novelty jig in the spirit and tradition of, say, the Bampton Fool’s Jig.

There is an additional category (sponsored by Janet Dowling) for Best Dancer Aged Over 40 Years of Age. The dancer can either be entering the double or solo jig sections and will be entered for all the above categories as appropriate and the additional category.

Although this is a competition, it is hoped that everyone will benefit from the resulting improvement in the general standard of dancing, which is the aim of the competition.

Postscript: Jameson Wooders, who won the John Gasson Cup in 1996, returned it the following year, filled with a trifle!