Audience Appeal Jig Winners


This prize was started to try and get dancers to realise that there is an audience watching and that they might not be fellow dancers who appreciate the intricacies of the jig they are doing. The jig might be technically perfect but can be very boring to the audience if there is no interaction with the audience. It doesn’t have to be funny but needs at least to engage the audience.


2023Emma Laister & Molly PipeMark Rogers
2022Jameson Wooders & Emma WoodersTom Wright
2020Mossy ChristianEdwin Besant
2019Graham LeePaul Bryan
2018Toby MelvilleJon Melville
2017Ben MossHazel Askew
2016Crispin WalkerNicky Hewitt
2015Ben Moss & James CookSaul Rose
2014Chris Campbell & Richard PortlockStuart Duncan
2013Dom Moss & Edd BennettBen Moss
2012Pantomime HorseOllie King
2011Dom & Ben MossRichard Ashe
2010Phil Bassendale & HorseJack Worth
2009Dave & Matt BrassingtonDave Hubbard
2008Simon PipeLawrence Wright
2007Simon PipeLawrence Wright
2006Doug SwiftJohn Dipper
2005Barry & Jack HoneysettFlos Headford
2004Matt Morris & Ian CampbellIan Dedic
2003Darrell HurttIan Dedic
2002Ian Campbell & Kirstie MairMark Rogers
2001Adam HeathfieldNeil Woolley
2000The Zeppelin Brothers-
1999Jan TarryTaz Tarry
1998Martyn HarveyBen Farmer
1997Harriet VaileJohn Bacon
1996Vivien BaileyMel Burden