Over 40s Jig Winners


Over the past 10 years there has been an influx of younger dancers which is excellent. Hattie Vale was 14 when she won the Solo Competition in 2000. We were in danger of losing the older, experienced, but still very good, dancers. We decided to start the Over 40 section to redress this balance and then discovered that most of the dancers we were aiming at were actually over 50! All the dancers enter the main competition and they can choose to enter this section as well if they are eligible. The musician does not have to be over 40.


2023Gilly Brenner with Rosie HoodSarah Matthews
2022Jameson Wooders with Emma WoodersTom Wright
2020David Thompson and Ross AdamsonJohn Watcham
2019Simon PipeMark Rogers
2018Chris RuddSaskia Heriz
2017Chris RuddBryony Leech
2016Jameson WoodersSaul Rose
2015Barry HoneysettRussell Hitchcock
2014Andrew KnightTony Warren
2013Barry HoneysettRussell Hitchcock
2012Simon PipeMark Rogers
2011Jameson WoodersSue Cozens
2010Barry HoneysettRichard Ashe
2009Mick CroucherFrank Lee
2008Adrian WilliamsBarry Goodman
2007Tracy SeeligMark Rogers
2006Barry HoneysettMary Jo Searle
2005Sue GrahamJerry West