Double Jig Winners


Some dancers were scared of entering the Solo competition and we introduced the Doubles to give people a way into the competition and to help them overcome their nerves. Many of the winners of the Solo competition have started in the doubles and then gone on in future to win the Solo section


Year1st Dancer2nd DancerMusician
2023James CookBen MossSaul Rose
2022Emma WoodersJameson WoodersTom Wright
2020David ThompsonRoss AdamsonJohn Watcham
2019Simon PipeMolly PipeMark Rogers
2018Ollie SimonsToby MelvilleJon Melville
2017Will MarshallKynan Parker RothJerry West
2016Mark PinderAlun PinderTom Wright
2015Owain BoormanRhys BoormanBryony Leech
2014Chris CampbellRichard PortlockStuart Duncan
2013James CookBen MossSaul Rose
2012Jack WorthFiona BradshawJackie Oates
2011Dom MossBen MossRichard Ashe
2010Barry HoneysettJack HoneysettRichard Ashe
2009Dom MossBen MossBob Dunlop
2008Tracy SeeligEmma DarbyMark Rogers
2007Dom MossBen MossCat Radford
2006Laurel SwiftMikey RadfordJamie Delarre
2005Barry HoneysettJack HoneysettFlos Headford
2004Laurel SwiftMikey RadfordSaul Rose
2003Jameson WoodersSimon WoodersSue Cozens
2002Tracy SeeligSue GrahamMark Rogers
2001Jameson WoodersSimon WoodersGareth Kiddier