Best New Entrant Winners


This category came about when the competition was running short of entries and the standard of the competition was still very high. People were put off coming into the competition by the high standard. By introducing this category we bring new blood into the competition and competitors take away the judges comments and work on their jigs through the year and some eventually win. The musician may have entered before.


2023Kate SkeltonJerry West
2022Peter Celi-StampChris Rose
2020Rick Titley-SageRick Titley-Sage
2019Kate McQuillianJerry West
2018Toby MelvilleJon Melville
2017Nathanial Diamond JonesMichael Vitale
2016Ross Adamson & David ThompsonJohn Watcham
2015Jack HogsdenLeon Hogsden
2014Lisa Heywood & Anna PietrangeloOllie King
2013Molly PipeSam Mabbett
2012Tommy Knowland & Ben HiggsBob Dunlop
2011Stefan Read & Justin MorrisonNatty Smith
2010Will BalmontSue Cozens
2009David RoodmanMark Rogers
2008John MitchellWill Pound
2007Dom & Ben MossCat Radford
2006Jess Arrowsmith & Fiona BradshawRichard Arrowsmith
2005Ben & Ned RoseMary Rose
2004Fiona AndersonMary Jo Searle
2003Mick CroucherFrank Lee
2002Jessica MarshallAlex Marshall
2001Mikey Radford-
2000Sue Hamer MossJohn Golightly