Solo Jig Competition


This was the beginning of the Competition and is for a single dancer with a maximum of one musician. We have the one musician rule as John was a member of the Seven Champions and we had the one musician rule and as John was also a member of Mr Jorrocks and the majority of the jigs in the competition are Cotswold we feel we are covering both of John’s dancing passions.

John was such an exellent jig dancer that it seemed the best way to remember him. He won a Jig Competition which was run at Maidstone Folk Day. His favourite jig was the Nutting Girl. At the first competition, which was held in the Council Chamber at Sidmouth, the lights dipped as the one of the competitors started dancing the Nutting Girl.


2023Emma LaisterJess Searle
2022Toby MelvilleJon Melville
2020Crispin YoungbergCorey Walters
2019Toby MelvilleJon Melville
2018Rhys BoormanBryony Leech
2017Will MarshallJim Sawyer
2016Jake Middleton MetcalfeSimon Care
2015Owain BoormanBryony Leech
2014Crispin WalkerNancy Potts
2013James CookChris Cook
2012Simon PipeMark Rogers
2011Emma WoodersMark Rogers
2010Jack WorthSaul Rose
2009Ben MossNicky Hewitt
2008Dom MossChris Cook
2007Emma DarbyPeter Darby
2006Laurel SwiftSaul Rose
2005Mikey RadfordSaul Rose
2004Chris TaylorJohn Dipper
2003Simon PipeBarry Goodman
2002Mikey RadfordCat Radford
2001Sue GrahamMark Rogers
2000Hattie ValeJohn Bacon
1999Simon PipeBarry Goodman
1998Tracy SeeligDennis Taylor
1997Simon PipeLawrence Wright
1996Jameson WoodersJane Berrisford-Smith
1995Simon PipeJulian Drury
1994Lucy CunninghamJohn Ede-Golightly
1993Julian DruryDon Allison
1992Sue GrahamAlan Whear
1991Andrew JonesTim Bull
1990Darrell HurttMary-Jo Searle
1989Ian CampbellIan Dedic
1988Andrew JonesTim Bull